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Swimming Pool Glossary

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Automatic Pool Cleaner – A pool maintenance system that will agitate or vacuum debris from the pool interior automatically.

Available Chlorine – The amount of chlorine, both free and combined in the pool water that is available to sanitize or disinfect the water. Some- times called residual chlorine.



Backflow – The backing up of water through a pipe in the direction opposite to normal flow.

Blower – An electrical device that produces a continuous rush of air to create the optimal bubbling effect in a whirlpool, hot tub, or spa. It is usually plumbed in with the hydrotherapy jets or to a separate bubbler ring.



Chlorinator – A mechanical or electrical device for dispensing chlorine at a controlled rate. Most often a canister or floater filled with tablets of chlorine.

Chlorine – A disinfectant added to swimming pool or spa water to destroy germs and algae. It helps the pool maintain an environment that will prevent bacteria and algae to grow and thrive. Chlorine also is used to oxidize unwanted organic and nitrogen waste.

Coping – This refers to the cap or top lip that covers the first nine to twelve inches of horizontal surface at the pools edge and provides a finished edge around the pool or spa. It can be formed, cast in place or precast, or prefabricated of extruded aluminum or rigid vinyl. It may also be part of the system that secures a vinyl liner to the top of the pool wall. It can be brick, flagstone, concrete, or one of many natural or man-made materials.



D.E. – Diatomaceous Earth — a porous substance used in certain types of pool filters.

Decks – Areas immediately adjacent to a pool, spa, or hot tub; typically this term describes the patio that is attached to the pool itself. Typical materials and finishes include brushed concrete, patterned concrete, slate, travertine, flagstone, and pea gravel.



E – Definition

E – Definition



Filter – A device that removes dissolved or suspended particles from water by recirculating the water through a porous substance (a filter medium or element). The three types of filters used in pools and spas are sand, cartridge, and diatomaceous earth.

Filtration Rate – The rate at which the water is traveling through the filter, expressed in U.S. gallons per minute (gpm) per square foot of filter area.



Gunite – A type of concrete that is applied with a sprayer to form the pool shell. It can also be used to form slides, waterfalls, pads, and other features.



Heater – A fossil-fueled, electric or solar device used to heat the water of a pool, spa or hot tub.



I – Definition

I – Definition



J – Definition

J – Definition



K – Definition



Liner – Also called a vinyl liner. The vinyl membrane that acts as the container to hold or contain the water in some types of pool.



Main Drain – A plumbing fitting installed on the suction side of the pump in pools, spas and hot tubs. Sometimes simply referred to as the drain, it is located in the deepest part of the pool, spa or hot tub. It does not function like the drain on a kitchen sink. Pool main drains do not allow the water to drain to waste but rather connect to the pump for circulation and filtration.



Neutralizer – A chemical used to make chlorine or bromine harmless.



Oxidizer – A non-chlorine shocking compound that removes or destroys built-up contaminants and chloramines in pool water without raising chlorine levels.



Pentair – Pentair is the world leader in innovative swimming pool and spa equipment. Dramatically reduce your pool’s energy costs with our revolutionary variable speed pumps, high performance heaters and LED lighting technology. Create the perfect ambiance with color-changing lights and water features. And enjoy a virtually maintenance-free pool with easy-to-use salt chlorine generators, automatic cleaners and full-featured automation systems that let you control your pool…anywhere, anytime.



Q – Definition

Q – Definition



R – Definition

R – Definition



Salt System – A system that uses electricity to disinfect water with chemicals extracted from salt.

Skimmer – A device installed through the wall of a pool or spa that is connected to the suction line of the pump that draws water and floating debris in the water flow from the surface without causing much flow restriction.



Test Kit – n apparatus or device used to monitor specific chemical residuals, levels, constituents or demands in pool or spa water. The most common pool and spa water tests are: pH, total alkalinity, free available chlorine, water hardness, cyanuric acid, iron and copper.



U – Definition

U – Definition



Vacuum – Devices that use suction to collect dirt from the bottom and sides of a pool or spa. Most common is a vacuum head with wheels that attaches to a telepole and is connected to the suction line, usually via the opening in the skimmer. Pool vacuums must be operated by a person, and debris is collected in the filter.



Weir – he small floating “door” on the side of the skimmer that faces the water over which water flows on its way to the skimmer. Adjusts automatically to small changes in water level to assure a continuous flow of water to the skimmer. The weir also prevents debris from floating back into the pool after the pump shuts off. Also known as a skimmer weir.



X – Definition

X – Definition



Y – Definition

Y – Definition



Z – Definition

Z – Definition

0 – 9


0-9 – Definition

0-9 – Definition

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