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Salt Water Pools

Salt Water Pools

Never Buy Chlorine Again Salt water pools are pools that use salt to generate chlorine. Salt water pools are simply swimming pools that use a chlorine generator, rather than requiring the direct addition of chlorine to the water. A chlorine generator in salt water pools passes water through an electronic cell that produces sodium hypochlorite or liquid chlorine. So, salt …

Pool Company Website

Aquatic Pools Commissions Next Generation Pool Company Website

Denton pool builder Aquatic Pools And Spas, long considered one of the premier pool companies in North Texas, announced today that the company has commissioned the design of a new, high performance pool company website from Lexington Development.

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Custom Swimming Pool Texas Salt System

Salt Water Swimming Pool Facts

What is a Salt Water Swimming Pool? A Salt Water Swimming Pool is a pool that uses salt in the water to generate chlorine. It is simply a pool that uses a chlorine generator, which through the process of water passing through an electronic cell, produces sodium hypochorite or liquid chlorine. So, a salt-water pool is not a chlorine free pool. …

Swimming Pool Construction Frisco TX

Aquatic Pools And Spas The Best Swimming Pool Construction Frisco TX Aquatic Pools And Spas is an Accredited BBB Member and has been serving North Dallas since 1995. When we build a pool, we build it right the first time with the hydraulics, maintenance and safety in mind. Our main objective is building the easiest maintenance, most economical, and safest …

Aquatic Pools And Spas Exclusively Uses Pentair Pool Equipment Aquatic Pools only uses Pentair pool equipment.