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Aquatic Pools And Spas Portfolio

Denton swimming pool company Aquatic Pools And Spas builds exceptional custom swimming pools. We have endeavored to be an extraordinary pool builder for almost two decades, Aquatic Pools And Spas and owner Mike Miloser are now investing in a new, custom website in order to provide a superior customer experience in all aspects of our business. Our goal is to provide our swimming pool customers with the most comprehensive web based swimming pool, spa and outdoor living resources available in the pool industry. To accomplish this goal, we are substantially increasing the size, scope and functionality of our website.

These improvements will take some time because, just like our custom swimming pools, doing things right requires attention to detail and a commitment to be the best. The Aquatic Portfolio is one of the first of the improvements you’ll see. As of today, the Aquatic Pools And Spas website contains thousands of images of the custom pools and spas we have built in North Texas. Please enjoy the Aquatic Portfolio. We hope it provides you with ideas that spark your creativity so that Aquatic Pools can design and build for you a custom swimming pool that will exceed all of your expectations. Please enjoy your visit to our Portfolios.


Swimming Pools

Our Swimming Pool Portfolio is growing and we are very happy to be able to showcase some of the custom swimming pools we have built for our customers. Please use our Pool Portfolio for swimming pool design ideas or to simply see for yourself why no other pool company delivers the construction quality, pool design expertise, customer service or overall value provided by Aquatic Pools And Spas.

Swimming Pool Portfolio


Custom Spas and Hot Tubs

As is the case with our swimming pools, no one in the industry delivers the construction quality, design expertise, customer service or overall value provided by Aquatic Spas. Please enjoy our Portfolio of Custom Spas  and Hot Tubs and see for yourself how the spas we build deliver superior value for our customers.

Spa Portfolio


Waterfalls & Sheer Descents

Few swimming pool features enhance the beauty of a new swimming pool quite like waterfalls and sheer descents. With only the finest equipment in the industry and exceptional pool design skills, Aquatic Pools And Spas creates dramatic, beautiful waterfalls to enhance your new pool environment.

Waterfall Portfolio


Custom BBQ Grills & Fireplaces

Add warmth to your outdoor environment with an outdoor fireplace or impressive, remote-controlled fire bowls. Or, keep the family outdoors longer by adding a Custom BBQ Grill and Outdoor Cooking Center.

Grills & Fireplaces


Pool Remodeling

Do you have an older swimming pool that just doesn’t look fresh anymore? Maybe the pool decking has seen better days or, perhaps it’s time to replace your aging pool equipment. Aquatic Pools And Spas expertly provides Swimming Pool Remodeling services that will make it look new again.

Pool Remodeling


Decorative Accents

Decorative pool accents are some of the details that set Aquatic Pools And Spas apart from the competition. Aquatic Pools And Spas proudly uses decorative pool accents from Pentair Pool Equipment.

Decorative Accents


Arbors and Patios

Most pool companies build pools. Aquatic Pools And Spas offers our clients considerable more. While swimming pools are the core of any backyard environment, additional structures such as arbors, pergolas, cabanas or extended covered patios which are designed seamlessly with the pool significantly enhance the environment. Aquatic has the creative talent to visualize and design these structures and the skills to build them, seamlessly and affordably.

Arbors and Patios

Aquatic Pools And Spas Exclusively Uses Pentair Pool Equipment Aquatic Pools only uses Pentair pool equipment.